Why are we in mission as a church? Why do we reach out and meet needs around us?

The Rev. Mike Sluder, Holston Conference, says it this way:


Quite frankly, that's who we're called to be. John Wesley [founder of United Methodism] guided us along this path as he emphasized many, many times about love of God and love of neighbor being hand-in-hand. They must go together. He was simply living out what he believed Jesus was teaching us. Throughout the Scriptures, particularly throughout the Gospels, we see Jesus teaching us time and time again that to love God is to love neighbor. And it doesn't matter who that neighbor is. Jesus was very explicit when he said,

'Here's what love of neighbor looks like: You saw me hungry and you fed me. You saw me thirsty and you gave me drink. You saw me sick and you took care of me.'

That's what love of neighbor looks like. And those neighbors, they start right next to you right in your own hometown, but it doesn't stop there. It goes all the way to the ends of the earth. Wherever you see a need, as the church, as United Methodists, we reach out to meet that need. It's who we are. And it all goes back I believe to a covenant made with Abraham centuries ago when God said, I'm going to bless you so that through you I can bless all the families of the earth. We're heirs of that promise. We're heirs of that covenant. We are blessed and we are to be a blessing. That's why we're in mission, to bless those around us, to love God by loving our neighbors."


Missions that the Pendleton First United Methodist Church is involved:


Women's Alternatives
Stephen Ministry
Kid's Hope
Ingalls Food Pantry
Habitat for Humanity
Can I Help You
Local Concerns- Needy Families
Charlie's Fund For Children
Red Cross Blood Drive
Giving Tree
Vacation Bible School
Trick or Treat


Epworth Forrest Church Camp
Lucille Raines Home

National & International

Kafakumba Pastors School
KuAndaa International
United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)
Horizon International

Recent Mission Trips

Baton Rouge flooding, Louisiana
Henderson Settlement, Kentucky
Red Bird Mission, Kentucky
Dominican Republic
South Bend Flood, Indiana
Super Storm Sandy, New Jersey
Hurricane Katrina, Alabama

Other Worship Services

Sunday Fall Creek Worship
Sunday Bethany Pointe Worship
Rawlins Worship
Rawlins Bible Study
Fall Creek Bible Study
Wednesday Adult Bible Study
Tuesday Men's Bible Study


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