Basic Fees

Registration fee: $45 due with completed Registration form
Supply fee: $60/year for Preschoolers; $70/year for 3 day PreK; $90 for 5 day PreK
Preschoolers tuition: $85/month (meets 2 half days/week)
3 Day Pre-K tuition: $105 month (meets 3 half days/ week)
5 Day Pre-K: $165/month (meets 5 half days/week)
Extended Pre-K: $55/month (meets 1 1/2 hours 5 days/week)


Late fee: $20 assessed when tuition payments are received after the 15th of the month

Sibling discount: The first student in the family pays full-price and all siblings receive a 10% discount.

Due Dates for Fees

Registration fee:  ($45) due with completed Registration form — holds child’s spot until August 1st.

Confirmation fee: (Supply fee plus May tuition)-due August 1st — families must pay either the Confirmation Fee or tuition for the entire semester or year to confirm a spot in a 2020-2021 class.  This assures that your student’s spot will not be offered to another child on the waiting list.

  • Confirmation fee for Preschoolers — $145
  • Confirmation Fee for 3 Day Pre-K — $175
  • Confirmation Fee for 5 Day Pre-K — $255
  • Confirmation Fee for Extended — $55

Monthly tuition fee is due the first class day of each month beginning in September.

A Late Fee of $20 is assessed if payment is not received by the 15th of the month. All fees must be paid in full by the end of each month for the child to continue attending the following month.

Payment options

Pay by the month, the semester, or the year

Fall Semester (includes May, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec and Supply fee) Due August 1st

  • Preschoolers $485
  • 3 day PreK  $595
  • 5 day PreK  $915
  • Extended PreK $275

Spring Semester (includes Jan, Feb, March, April) Due first class day in January

  • 3 yr olds  $340
  • 3 day PreK  $420
  • 5 day PreK  $660
  • Extended PreK $220

Entire School year (all 9 months including Supply fee) Due August 1st

  • 3 yr olds  $825
  • 3 day PreK  $1015
  • 5 day PreK $1575
  • Extended PreK $495