Church Family,

The following are the metrics we will be using as a guideline to determine when we meet in person and what level of services will be available. Please remember that this a guideline, and we may have to alter it if needed. Our intent is to follow it closely so that you can anticipate what may be occurring each week.

We will be following the metrics reported by the Indiana State Department of Health that determine the advisory level for Madison County. We will make final determinations when the state declares the level each Wednesday at noon. Our first determination will be this Wednesday, February 3rd. The church will communicate the level and services available each Wednesday by 5pm as well. We have plans in place to make this declaration through several communication platforms, including folks that don't have access to technology. Please be patient as we communicate. We are working through this with you. If you wish to see what these levels are for yourself, you may visit coronavirus.in.gov, and click on "Dashboard and Map." Keep in mind that the church will also communicate this and make the final determination for our programming.

Remember that at any time the plans could change due to available resources, volunteers, and other unforeseen circumstances. Our goal is to begin to meet again in person whenever we are safely able to do so. We will be sharing worship safety and other guidelines with you in the near future as well. Please do your part in keeping each other safe by following these guidelines when meeting in person at both campuses so that we may be able to continue to meet in person.

The stated metrics below will also be dependent upon the available resources, as I have mentioned above. For instance, if we do not have the appropriate number of volunteers for ushering, greeting, and children's Sunday school, we will have to reevaluate our level of operation. This will always be communicated each Wednesday by 5pm. We are looking for everyone to prayerfully consider their own calling and see where they may feel called to serve.

Our online services will continue to always be available regardless of at what level the church may be operating. If you are uncomfortable returning, we completely understand and invite you to continue to join us virtually. We are continually working to improve our virtual worship experience.

Thank you for staying on this journey with us. None of us asked for it, but we have all embraced it and have tried to do our part. I'm confident that God's plan is much bigger and greater than we can ever imagine. Please feel free to reach out to the church office or myself anytime you have questions, concerns, or comments. Look for more information on what to expect in the days and weeks to come.

In Christ's Love,

Brent Schnepp
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When following these guidelines, keep the following in mind:

  • As levels increase (e.g. yellow to orange), that level will take place the following Sunday As level decrease (e.g. orange to yellow), that level will take place two weeks following.
    Example: On Wednesday, February 3rd if the level is communicated as Orange, we would follow the Orange Guideline beginning on February 14th. (Example only, please look for communication from the church).